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Maaseudun Tulevaisuus

Maaseudun Tulevaisuus (MT) is the second most-read newspaper in Finland, with its printed version published three times a week. MT is the most important source of information for Finnish farmers and the only national media for those interested in rural affairs. It covers issues related to agriculture and forestry in every issue, both in print and online on a daily basis.

The newspaper is published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (public holidays may affect publication days).

Number of readers (print + digital edition) 281 000 (NRS 2023)
Total reach555 000 (NRS 2023)

All prices are subject to value-added tax.

Full Pages and Quantity Sizes

Multichannel Front Page


  • Print front page size: 380 x 460 mm
  • Print front page also covers the digital edition


  • MT.FI digital ad size: 718 x 869 px
  • Displays at a frequency of 1 per day until the next issue is released (Mon-Tue, Wed-Thu, Fri-Sun)
  • Digital ad appears on MT.FI on all devices

29 700 €

Multichannel Full Page


  • MT Print full page reaches 275,000 readers
  • Print full page size: 380 x 510 mm
  • Print full page also covers the digital edition


  • MT.FI digital ad size: 620 x 891 px
  • Displays 60,000 times until the next issue is released (Mon-Tue, Wed-Thu, Fri-Sun)
  • Ad appears on the section front page and article pages with separate ad text
  • Digital ad appears on MT.FI on all devices

21 870 €

Tabloid size in text

236 x 365 mm
8 950 €

1/2 page horizontal

8 x 255 mm
9 990 €


1/2 page vertical

4 x 255 mm
9 702 €

Back cover, full page

8 x 460 mm
21 650 €


Back cover, half page

8 x 255 mm
11 650 €



776 x 510 mm
35 500 €


Digital Magazine Advertising

MT Digital Magazine

MT Digital Edition Maaseudun Tulevaisuus’s digital edition is avidly read, and separate advertising in the digital edition reaches its audience effectively. In the digital edition, ads from the printed version are in their designated spaces, but in addition to these, full-page ads or even multi-page spreads can be placed in the digital edition without being in the physical paper edition. Additionally, these digital ads can be enriched with interactivity and various elements. The digital edition is read by approximately 7,000 readers per month.

The ad is displayed to the same visitor twice a day for a week, regardless of the digital edition’s issue. Maximum of three ads per edition.

Advertising options and prices:

  • Full-page ad, price 1 500 € / week (VAT 0%)
  • Video ad, price 1 500 € / week (VAT 0%)
  • 2-16 page insert, price 2 500 € / week (VAT 0%)
  • Native article, price 1 500 € / week (VAT 0%). Content production is charged separately.

Column Advertisements

Special placing extra 15%

Black and White 4 Colors
In text4,25 €/cmm4,95 €/cmm
Page 3 and back cover4,90 €/cmm5,70 €/cmm
Classified AdvertisementsBlack and White4 Colors
After text (AT) 3,10 €/cmm 4,95 €/cmm
After text with bold frame 3,40 €/cmm
Line ads 2-5 lines8,95 €/line
Family announcements and obituaries2,95 €/cmm4,35 €/cmm
Job, Education and Course advertisementsBlack and White4 Colors
Työpaikat4,10 €/cmm5,35 €/cmm
Education and courses3,30 €/cmm4,95 €/cmm
Eye CornersSize
Front page60 x 30 mm385 €
Back cover92 x 30 mm385 €
Weather page44 x 40 mm385 €
Special placingSize
Horse pages on Fridays92 x 160 mm1 790 €
Friday readingsSize
Food section380 x 125 mm or 188 x 255 mm5 690 €
Readings380 x 255 mm10 098 €
Theme inserts (cut Tabloid)SizeBlack and White4 colors
In text3,15 €/cmm max 5 columns.4,95 €/cmm
1/1 page236 x 310 mm5 350 €
1/2 page236 x 150 mm3 190 €
1/3 page92 x 310 mm2 190 €
Back, 2nd and 3rd cover236 x 310 mm5 650 €
2/1 pages496 x 310 mm9 650 €

The printed edition of Maaseudun Tulevaisuus is published on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The tables below list special editions or days when the printed Maaseudun Tulevaisuus is not published, deviating from the regular distribution schedule.

Publishing dateMaterial dateThemes
21.6.2024No newspaper today
24.7.202419.7.2024Horse Race theme
30.8.202427.8.2024Cars and Traffic
4.9.202430.8.2024Finnish Food
11.9.20246.9.2024Sowing seed
9.10.20244.10.2024Machine Fair
13.11.20248.11.2024Livestock farming
20.11.202415.11.2024Sowing seed
6.12.2024No newspaper today
23.12.202419.12.2023Christmas Theme
25.12.2024No newspaper today
27.12.2024No newspaper today
Publication dateAd submission
MondayFriday at 10 a clock
WednesdayMonday at 16 a clock
FridayWednesday at 16 a clock

PDF Recommendations:

  • Aspect ratio: 1:1
  • Print area width: 380 mm, height: 510 mm
  • Fonts must be embedded in the PDF file
  • Print-ready PDF should not contain color profiles
  • CMYK colors
  • Image resolution: 200 ppiPDF file name should include the advertiser’s name and publication date. Include advertiser’s contact information in the message.

Send materials under 10 MB to Files over 10 MB should be delivered through the Owncloud file transfer service. Request the link via email at or by phone at +358 20 413 2471.

Note to Material Providers: Adobe will cease support for PostScript Type 1 fonts in January 2023. After this date, material containing PostScript Type 1 or TrueType fonts without conversion to paths cannot be accepted. These materials cannot be modified or updated either. If the materials are not created according to the guidelines, no responsibility is taken for their functionality. For materials, we recommend using OpenType fonts, preferably Adobe FontFolio typefaces or Adobe Fonts. In PDF materials, all the fonts you use must be embedded. If you have any questions, feel free to inquire at

Advertisement dimensions
1 column44 mm
2 columns92 mm
3 columns140 mm
4 columns188 mm
5 columns236 mm
6 columns284 mm
7 columns332 mm
8 columns380 mm
Advertisement sizes
Front page380 x 460 mm
Full-page380 x 510 mm
Back cover, full-page380 x 460 mm
Back cover other sizes, max height255 mm
Spread776 x 510 mm
Full-page height in text490 mm
Full-page height in classified ads510 mm
If the ad is not full-page height, max height400 mm
Eye corner front page60 x 30 mm
Eye corner back cover92 x 30 mm
Eye corner weather page44 x 40 mm
Ad minimum sizes
4-color ads in text200 pmm
Additional color ads in text200 pmm
4-color ads after text 50 pmm
Additonal color ads after text30 pmm
Ads with photo50 pmm
BW ands after text 20 pmm
Less than 20 cmm line adsmin 2 lines, max 5 lines
Frame ads size20-45 pmm

The size of the advertisement is specified with an accuracy of 5 mm.

Digital Magazine Advertising / MT Digital Edition

  • Full-page material consists of two images (png or jpg): Size: 1536 x 2008 px (vertical) AND 2048 x 1496 px (horizontal). The combined maximum file size for vertical and horizontal images is 5 MB. The maximum file size for a single image is 3 MB. Include the campaign URL.
  • Video file in mp4 format (max. 500 MB). The poster image aspect ratio should be roughly the same as the video. The background image for the video should be png or jpg, size: 1536 x 2008 px (vertical) AND 2048 x 1496 px (horizontal). Include the campaign URL.
  • Attachments should be created as 2-16 images (png or jpg): Size: 1536 x 2008 px (vertical). Name files in the desired page order. Include the URL per page.
  • Native material guidelines are still in progress.

Maaseudun Tulevaisuus (MT) is the second most-read newspaper in Finland.

Number of readers (print + digital edition)281 000 (NRS 2023)
Total reach 555 000 (NRS 2023)