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FOR ADVERTISER / Target groups and medias

Which target groups do you want to reach?

We have packaged ready-made solutions from both digital and print media that allow you to reach your desired target audience comprehensively and effectively. Choose your target group and start planning your campaign; our contact persons are happy to assist you.



The target audience includes both professional producers who make a living directly from agriculture and their stakeholders, ranging from processors to trade groups. Our national media are the only ones covering industry news every single day.

Forest owners

In Finland, there are over 600,000 forest owners, approximately half of whom reside in cities and the other half in rural areas. In our media, we address various aspects related to forests, considering both commercial and environmental perspectives while acknowledging the diversity of our target audience.


Heavy-duty machinery professionals crave expert and unbiased information on various issues related to agriculture, forestry, earthmoving, and transportation equipment. We address this need through both printed and digital sources, not forgetting the international used machinery platform.

House owners

There are over 1.45 million single-family houses. Building, renovating, and maintaining one’s own house and yard are passions for many single-family homeowners, making this target group particularly attractive. Above-average household incomes ensure strong purchasing power. The website, along with its newsletters and social media channels, is well-known within this target audience.

Horse racing

There are 365 days in a year, and almost every day somewhere in Finland, horse racing events take place. This fast-paced sport attracts both enthusiasts and those who bet on the results. Viestimedia follows and covers the equestrian sports sector comprehensively through various channels, including moving images, print, and digital media.