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Koneviesti, both in print and online, Traktorpool, and Suomalainen Maaseutu cater to the information needs of heavy machinery professionals.


Printed Koneviesti is a magazine for machinery professionals and enthusiasts. The typical reader is a middle-aged, well-off professional with a very close relationship with the magazine. The majority of readers are either full-time or part-time entrepreneurs.

Koneviesti’s website,, continues where the printed magazine leaves off. The site attracts approximately 25,000 machinery professionals weekly. Together with the printed magazine, the website provides a cost-effective and versatile range of marketing tools for the target audience.


The used machinery website serves both private individuals and professionals in the sale of used machinery. The international site operates in over 25 different countries and features more than 230,000 used machines.

Suomalainen Maaseutu

Suomalainen Maaseutu is a professional magazine focusing on rural people, rural entrepreneurship, machine contracting, and trade. The magazine is published monthly in between issues of the printed Maaseudun Tulevaisuus.