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In Finland, there are over 1.45 million detached houses, where well over half of the Finnish population resides. This large and economically powerful group is a crucial target audience for many businesses. Comprehensive outreach to this audience requires utilizing multiple media channels. We provide them all – under one roof. is the largest website in Finland specializing in detached house living, offering diverse content on yards, gardens, construction, and renovation. Visitors to the site tend to stay for extended periods.

  • 200,000 unique visitors per month
  • Approximately 50% of visitors are aged 35-54
  • 74% of visitors come to the site through Google search
  • 70% of visitors browse the site on mobile devices
  • Over 50,000 active detached house residents also subscribe to the Suomela newsletter, which includes timely articles, competitions, product launches, and blog posts.
  • The content attracts high engagement, with an opening percentage of 25-30%.

All prices are subject to value-added tax (VAT).

Display advertising

Max Parade / Giant Panorama

980 x 552 px / 980 x 400 px
Mobile 300 x 431 px / 300 x 300 px
Also video format
CPM Max Parade 38 € / Giant Panorama 35 €


980 x 120 px
Mobile 300 x 150 px
CPM 25 €

Giant rectangle

468 x 400 px
Mobile 300 x 300 px
Also video format
CPM 15 €

Skyscraper (sticky)

160 x 600 px
Mobile 300 x 300 px
CPM 20 €


620 x 891 px
Responsive – the same material scales to tablets and mobile devices.
CPM 30 €

Wide Skyscraper

300 x 600 px
Mobile 300 x 600 px
CPM 20 €


RON (Run-Of-Network) campaign runs on your desired ad space across the entire Viestimedia advertising network.

RON prices
Giant Panorama CPM 27 €
Giant rectangle CPM 13,50 €
Wide Skyscraper CPM 18 €
Responsive full-page CPM 24 €
Panorama CPM 18 €
Skyscraper (sticky) CPM 18 €

Outsream video advertising

Outstream, also known as article videos, is displayed regardless of the device, integrated within the article content with separated ad text. The video starts automatically on the consumer’s screen without sound and pauses if the user continues scrolling past the video ad. After the ad ends, the video stops in a “Watch Again” state, allowing users to restart it if desired.

CPM 25 €

Native advertising native article

A comprehensive content package at a reasonable price!

The native article – Content Marketing Package provides a diverse and informative advertising package focused on content for the entire year.

The package includes:

  • Search engine-optimized (SEO) native article about your products and/or services with keyword links, product images, and videos.
  • Company information.
  • Featured placement on the homepage, thematic homepages and at the end of articles.
  • Featured placement in the newsletter (approximately 50,000 subscribers).
  • The native article appears first in search results alongside other articles.
  • Keyword links have a lasting impact and positively affect the company’s page rank on Google.
  • Permanent visibility on the top web service for homeowners!

The total price for the package is 1 500 € / 12 months.


Newsletter advertorial

Email direct marketing to the entire exclusive registry. A registry of 50,000 email addresses. The entire content of the letter is the company’s own content.

2 990 €

Newsletter advertorial (part of editorial)

Email direct marketing to the entire registry as part of the weekly newsletter.

1 000 €

Newsletter bannersSizePrice
Giant Panorama600 x 245 px2500 € / send out
Panorama600 x 150 px1550 € / send out
Giant rectangle468 x 400 px1550 € / send out
Rectangle300 x 300 / 300 x 250 px1350 € / send out

Digital materials should be delivered in image or HTML5 format. Accepted image formats include jpg, png, and gif. Images should use RGB colors. Materials can also be animated, and they may include sound effects, provided they are activated only when the user clicks on the ad. We recommend creating animated or interactive materials in HTML5 format (HTML5 material creation guidelines).

Please submit digital materials to the address

Special solutions need to be agreed upon separately.

Size requirements for display ad materials.
Max parade 980 x 552 px, 300 x 431 pxMaximum file size for images: 100 KB / HTML5: 200 KB, mobile: 40 KB
Giant Panorama 980 x 400 pxMaximum file size for images: 100 KB, HTML5: 200 KB
Maximum video file size: 30 MB, file formats accepted: MPEG4 / MOV / AVI / WMW / 3GPP / MPEGPS / HLS / WebM
Panorama 980 x 120 pxMaximum file size for images: 60 KB, HTML5: 120 KB
Giant rectangle 468 x 400 pxMaximum file size for images: 60 KB, HTML5: 120 KB
Maximum video file size: 30 MB, file formats accepted: MPEG4 / MOV / AVI / WMW / 3GPP / MPEGPS / HLS / WebM
Skyscraper (Sticky) 160 x 600 pxMaximum file size for images: 60 KB, HTML5: 120 KB
Full-page 620 x 891 pxMaximum file size for images: 150 KB
Wide Skyscraper 300 x 600 pxMaximum file size for images: 60 KB, HTML5: 120 KB
Mobile 300 x 300 pxMaximum file size for images: 40 KB, HTML5: 80 KB

Native advertising

  • Text submission in Word format.
  • Links can be included in the text. Multiple links are allowed.
  • Images in jpg or png format, size: 1280 x 720 px, aspect ratio 16:9, max. 200 KB.
  • Link to the company’s website.

Video requirements

  • Maximum length: 20 seconds
  • Maximum size: 10-12 MB / 1080p: 1920×1080
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Frame rate: 25 fps
  • Video bitrate: Over 1.5 Mbps Video codec: H.264 or MPEG-4
  • Audio bitrate: Over 128 kbps Audio codec: AAC or mp3.

Submission of materials

Send materials under 10 MB at least three days before the campaign starts to the address Materials larger than 10 MB should be delivered via the Owncloud material service. For the transfer of ad materials, you will need a link, which you can request via email at or by phone at 020 413 2471.

All materials and possible tracking pixels must be compatible with HTTPS. Remember to include the URL where the ad will be linked with the material. Avoid using special characters and umlauts in the link’s address. Encoding may not work correctly when the material passes through multiple systems. To collect data on clicks made during the campaign, ensure that the clickTAG is implemented correctly. We recommend testing the functionality of the material in advance on common browsers.

Include the advertiser’s name, contact information, campaign period, and ad format in your message.