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TERMS OF SALE FOR ONLINE ADVERTISING Viestimedia Ltd, terms of sale for online advertising

  1. Applicability
    These terms of sale apply when an advertiser, media agency, advertising agency, or other representative of the advertiser (“Customer”) purchases products and services owned by Viestimedia Ltd (“Viestimedia”), unless otherwise specified. These terms apply to Viestimedia’s online advertising products and services regarding payment terms and responsibilities, but there may be media-specific differences in schedules and discounts for booking products and services. The Customer agrees to adhere to these terms, as well as any media-specific or mutually agreed-upon special terms. These terms apply to all advertising material provided by the Customer (“Material”). If the advertising material is transmitted by an advertising or media agency or another representative of the advertiser, the respective intermediary is responsible for compliance with the agreed-upon terms and these terms in all respects, including responsibility for the content of the Material and payment obligations with full credit loss liability. In the case of jointly provided Material by two or more Customers, the Customer placing the order is responsible for the content and payments.

  2. Booking and Cancellation of Ad Space Booking: Reservations for all Viestimedia media can be made at once through the assigned sales contact or via email to media sales. Reservations must be made by the deadline specified in the offer, sales terms, or separate conditions for the respective media. For online campaigns, the preliminary reservation is valid for 14 days, after which the inventory is automatically released if the reservation is not confirmed. If the reservation is made less than 5 days before the start of the campaign, it must be confirmed at the time of booking.

Instructions for Advertising and Media Agencies: Advertising and media agencies must provide written instructions, delivered to the sales service according to the first publication reservation schedule.

Cancellation and Changes to Campaigns: Viestimedia reserves the right to transfer or cancel a campaign, ad display, ad time, or time slot for a specific reason without compensation. The Customer will be immediately notified of such changes, and efforts will be made to provide a replacement equivalent media space, time, or ad display. Cancellations must be made in writing to the sales service or sales contact. If a confirmed online campaign is canceled:

  • 6-10 business days before the campaign starts, 25% of the net price is charged.
  • 4-5 business days before the campaign starts, 50% of the net price is charged.
  • 3 business days or later before the campaign starts, 100% of the net price is charged.
  • If Viestimedia has already produced the canceled campaign material, the full costs incurred in production are charged. If a confirmed order for other services (e.g., subcontractor’s work or service) is canceled:
    • If the production or provision of the canceled service has started, the costs and labor costs for performing the service are charged.
  1. Ad Placement, Competitors’ Advertising
    The Customer cannot influence where the ad is displayed in editorial content or propose other conditions for ad placement. Targeted media may display campaigns of both the Customer and the Customer’s competitors simultaneously. Due to the confidentiality of the customer relationship and the limited availability of advertising space, Viestimedia cannot provide advance information about competitors’ campaigns. If overlapping campaigns occur, no compensation is provided.

Display Guarantee for Display-based Campaigns: If a campaign falls below 95% of the purchased display volume, the campaign will either be extended until the displays are filled, or the missing displays will be credited in the Customer’s next campaign. If ad displays are less than five (5) percent below the target at the end of the campaign, no compensation for the missing ad displays will be provided.

  1. Prices and Discounts
    Prices are determined according to the currently valid price list, either by media or service. Viestimedia reserves the right to change prices. Increases in costs due to laws, regulations, or measures by authorities will raise prices from the effective date of the regulations, including already made reservations and separately negotiated agreements. Prices in the price list are net prices, and value-added tax is added unless otherwise stated. The calculation order for discounts on the prices in the price list: Gross price of media space + location surcharge – customer-specific discount – agency discount = Net price + additional service fees + value-added tax = Taxable net price.

Discounts: Different discounts are mutually exclusive unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Discounts are confirmed for each media in the offer, reservation, or reservation confirmation.

Agency Fee for Advertising and Media Agencies: Viestimedia grants a 15% discount on online advertising services for bookings made through an authorized media/advertising agency.

  1. Invoicing and Payment Terms
    Invoicing is done according to the advertising publication schedule unless otherwise agreed. Any objections to the invoice must be made within eight (8) days of the invoice date. The prices in the price list are net prices, and value-added tax is added unless otherwise stated. Viestimedia always requires the Business ID from corporate customers if they want to pay for media purchases by invoice. When invoicing, customer credit information is checked before publication. The general payment terms are 14 days net. The late payment interest is according to the Interest Act. Unpaid invoices are handed over to a collection agency for collection after the due date. Payment options:
  • E-invoice for companies: The Customer provides information about their operator and e-invoice address when making a reservation.
  • Paper invoice: The Customer can choose to receive the invoice as a paper copy by mail.
  • Cash payment: Viestimedia may require the Customer to make a cash payment before advertising publication or implementation. The Customer can choose to pay for their media purchases in cash in advance. When paying to the bank, the payment must be on the agreed media account, and the payment receipt must be submitted to the sales service, e.g., by email within the reservation deadlines. Viestimedia’s payment details and account numbers can be found here.
  1. Responsibility for Errors and Complaints
    Notification of a faulty publication must be made within eight (8) days of the conclusion of the electronic campaign. Notification of a billing error must be made no later than eight (8) days from the billing date. Viestimedia is not responsible for indirect damages incurred by the Customer. Liability for direct damages is limited to the purchased media space’s price. All approved ads will be published according to the agreed schedule. If an ad cannot be published for production or other operational reasons (e.g., a strike) or reasons attributable to the Customer, Viestimedia is not responsible for any resulting damage. Viestimedia is not responsible for errors in the content or appearance of the advertisement due to, for example, incomplete or incorrect material, unclear manuscripts, or material provided over the phone. Viestimedia is not responsible for errors that arise from the proof provided to the advertiser if the Customer has approved the proof without corrections or has not commented on the proof by the specified deadline. Viestimedia has the right to place an ad in the media environment according to normal practice, regardless of editorial content or other clients’ publications. The electronic service may be temporarily suspended for maintenance, upkeep, or other similar reasons. Viestimedia is not responsible for damages caused by service interruptions. The responsibility for the omission of an ad, errors in publication, or errors in material production is limited to refunding the euro amount paid for the media space.
  2. Right to Use Advertising, Reference Right
    Unless the Advertiser has expressly stated otherwise in writing, Viestimedia has the right to transfer the ad to a hard drive or other storage platform and use it for presentation, training, and research summaries, as well as on its own internet, intranet, and extranet pages. However, Viestimedia does not have the right to use the ad for commercial purposes in other media.
  3. Responsibility for Content and Usage Rights
    The Customer is responsible for the content of the advertisement. The Customer and the advertising or media agency are responsible and liable for the content of the advertising and any damages it may cause to third parties and/or Viestimedia. Viestimedia has the right to refuse to display the ad without compensation if the ad does not comply with applicable laws, regulations of authorities and self-regulatory bodies, or is against good practice. The responsibility for acquiring ownership and/or usage rights of the material and ensuring that the presentation of the ad does not infringe on anyone’s copyright, patent, or other intellectual property rights rests with the Customer. The responsibility for the costs of acquiring or using these rights lies with the Customer. The responsibility for any infringement or absence of third-party copyrights, patents, and other intellectual and other rights, and the resulting damages or other claims, belongs to the Customer. Viestimedia is not responsible for any costs or damages resulting from the violation of the aforementioned conditions. 
  1. Data Protection and Targeted Online Advertising

The Customer and Viestimedia commit to complying with the currently applicable EU and national legislation concerning the processing of personal data and privacy protection, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, effective from May 25, 2018. GDPR applies to all organizations in EU member states that process personal data. The use of cookies and similar technologies requires Viestimedia to obtain the visitor’s prior consent to collect data from Viestimedia’s websites. The Customer may use cookies solely for measuring campaign results (ad impressions, reach, and conversions). If the campaign is targeted based on visitor behavior, the Customer must adhere to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) European Framework for Online Behavioral Advertising or Transparency and Consent Framework principles, and implement (or require its partners to implement) necessary technical and other measures to comply with these principles. The Customer is responsible for the systems it uses, as well as the actions of its representatives and subcontractors, as its own. The Customer must ensure that its collaborators are aware of the limitations mentioned in these terms and comply with them. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the provisions described in this section apply to all agreements between Viestimedia and the Customer insofar as they involve the processing of personal data by Viestimedia acting as the data controller on behalf of the Customer, or the processing of personal data by the Customer acting as the data controller on behalf of Viestimedia. The data controller is the party that determines the purposes and means of processing personal data. The processor is the party that processes personal data on behalf of the data controller. Depending on the nature of the collaboration, a party may simultaneously act as the data controller for certain data and the processor for other data. The subject, nature, and purpose of the processing of personal data, as well as the types of personal data and groups of data subjects, are described in the agreement between the parties or in the data controller’s written instructions provided before the start of data processing. Unless otherwise agreed, for digital advertising, the purpose of the processing is to target the Customer’s advertising campaign. The processing duration is limited to the necessary storage time for the agreed campaign. If the data groups used for targeting consist of information related to the Customer’s website usage or other personal data of the Customer, the Customer acts as the data controller. In this case, the groups of data subjects are the users, customers, and potential customers of the Customer’s website. Viestimedia acts as the data controller for information related to the use of Viestimedia’s websites or other personal data, including the advertising target groups formed based on such data. In this case, the data subjects are the users, customers, and potential customers of Viestimedia’s websites. The data controller is responsible for ensuring that it has a legal basis for processing the personal data it collects and the right to transfer them to the processor for processing. The data controller is also responsible for complying with the obligations set out in data protection regulations and ensuring that the written instructions given to the processor comply with data protection regulations. If Viestimedia acts as the processor for the Customer’s personal data, or the Customer acts as the processor for Viestimedia’s personal data, they undertake to:

  • Process the personal data of data subjects only on behalf of the data controller for the purposes defined in the agreement between the parties and in accordance with the current data protection regulations.
  • Process the personal data of data subjects only in accordance with the written instructions provided by the data controller based on data protection regulations (unless otherwise agreed, these terms constitute the written instructions given to the processor).
  • Inform the data controller if they believe that the written instructions of the data controller violate data protection regulations.
  • Ensure that individuals processing personal data are subject to appropriate confidentiality obligations.
  • Ensure the proper protection of personal data in accordance with their practices and the requirements of the agreement between the parties to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal data.
  • Assist the data controller in fulfilling its obligation to respond to requests regarding the exercise of the rights of data subjects as provided in data protection regulations.
  • Assist the data controller, to a reasonable extent, in ensuring compliance with the obligations set out in data protection regulations.
  • Delete all personal data after the provision of processing services has ended unless required to retain the personal data by applicable mandatory EU or national legislation.
  • Notify the data controller of any data security breach within twenty-four (24) hours of becoming aware of it.
  • Make available to the data controller the information necessary to demonstrate compliance with the obligations set out in data protection regulations.
  • Allow the data controller or its authorized auditor to conduct audits and participate in them.
  • Notify the data controller of subcontractors used for data processing, which must be approved separately in writing.
  • Ensure that personal data is not transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

The data controller grants the processor general prior approval to use the services of another data processor. The processor is responsible for the work of its subcontractors as for its own. The data controller has the right to object to the use of a specific subcontractor, and the processor will make commercially reasonable efforts to replace the subcontractor with another. If this change cannot be implemented, the parties have the right to terminate the collaboration without liability. The termination of the agreement does not exempt the Customer from payment obligations for actions taken before termination. If the Customer violates the terms mentioned herein, Viestimedia has the right to immediately suspend the Customer’s campaigns (including the campaign in which these terms have been violated and all other Customer campaigns on any Viestimedia services) and terminate all agreements between the Customer and Viestimedia without liability. Each party is responsible for direct damages (including administrative fines imposed by authorities, compensation paid to data subjects, and reasonable legal costs) resulting directly from processing personal data in violation of these terms or obligations set out in data protection regulations. Neither party is liable for lost profits or other indirect damages. Upon the conclusion of the campaign, the Customer agrees to remove any advertising tags used in retargeting campaigns that refer to Viestimedia’s websites. See Viestimedia’s privacy policy for more information.

  1. Advertising Legislation and Regulations, Dispute Resolution

Viestimedia adheres to and applies the advertising legislation of Finland. Viestimedia reserves the right to modify the terms of sale. Disputes and disagreements between Viestimedia and the Customer will be resolved in the district court of the domicile of Viestimedia or the seller’s subsidiary.

  1. Media Sales Contact Information

P.O. Box 440 (Simonkatu 6) 00101 Helsinki Ad Reservations: Phone: 020 413 2321 (Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM) Email: