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Aarre is an informative and lifestyle magazine for those interested in hunting, forestry, and nature. The magazine covers topics related to the forest and nature, as well as well-being, roots, food, and home. Aarre readers value the magazine’s diversity.

The magazine is published 11 times a year.

Readers128 000 (NRS 2023)
Reading minutes52 min (NRS 2023)

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Issue #Publishing dateMaterial dateThemes
1/202429.1.202410.1.2024How to fill out the forest tax return. Testing coffee thermoses. Forests of the family estate. Wonders of local nature.
2/202426.2.20247.2.2024Testing the purchasing harvester's chainsaw. First thinning. Forest owner's cars. Ski trekking in Lapland.
3/202425.3.20246.3.2024Firewood with log splitters. Diverse forest management. Improvement for the home yard. Forest investment.
4/202429.4.202410.4.2024Testing a heavy-duty clearing saw. Forest regeneration. Spring in the garden. Birdwatching as a hobby.
5/202427.5.20247.5.2024Professional planting tips. Nature management in commercial forests. First aid skills for hikers. Forest insurance.
6/20241.7.202411.6.2024Safely into forest work. Island logging. Log construction. Summer joys in the Finnish nature.
7/202426.8.20247.8.2024Testing new cordless chainsaws. Best value for wood. Autumn trip to the North. Delicacies from the forest.
8/202423.9.20244.9.2024Chainsaws. Cultivation of special trees. Hunter's autumn. Forest money breeding.
9/202421.10.20242.10.2024Metal detector in forest use. Restoration. Energy from the forest. Forest hobbies.
10/202418.11.202430.10.2024ATVs. Care of Finnish forests. New uses for forest land. Forest delicacies for the festive table.
11/202416.12.202426.11.2024Assistance for felling trees. Atmospheric forest Christmas. Christmas gift ideas. Forest history.

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